Greene Co. Seizure

In early November, Feel Better Farm was contacted to help with a seizure situation involving poultry, waterfowl, sheep, goats, pigs,and dogs. In a concerted effort between law enforcement, us, and several other local rescues, over 100 animals were removed from the property with the majority of the animals coming here for housing, veterinary care, and rehabilitation from nutritional deficiency and neglect.

The Greene County Sherriff’s office press release can be found here:

As of today, the animals are still being evaluated by our veterinarians, settling in to their safe and comfortable new home, and enjoying the rest and proper nutrition they deserve.

We appreciate volunteers who can offer time at the farm to help with chores and feedings, and welcome visitors by appointment.

Caring for animals from a seizure of this magnitude is expensive and we have a great variety of immediate needs. Please make a donation of any amount through our PayPal link found on the bottom of each page, or call Southern States in Charlottesville and purchase something from our wishlist.

The animals from the seizure are still under quarantine and will be safely held until court proceedings have adjourned. After that point, we may have adoptable animals and encourage potential adopters to come and volunteer, get to know the animals, and stay in touch for availability.

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