Hay Helpers Program

It’s no secret that our animals (horses and ruminants alike) at Feel Better Farm rely on hay as the foundation of their health and diet. Our round bale supplier provides us with top-quality orchard grass hay at $50/bale, plus delivery, in loads of 14. Our animals go through 6-7 bales each week in the winter, but less in the summer months.  We also use about 500 square bales of grass hay and 2003 string square bales of alfalfa a year.  

Most of my sleepless nights are spent worrying about having the funds to cover hay, which is the foundation of a healthy diet for all of our animals.  It is always the first thing we fund, and the one item that we go through more than anything else. 

Our hope is to establish a fund robust enough to ensure that we always have that one essential need covered. To that end we have established the Hay Helpers Program.

The Hay Helpers program is a recurring donation, in the amount of your choice, that is reserved especially for hay purchases.  During the year, as we use less hay in the warmer months, the contributions go into a reserved fund kept just for hay, that we use as our need for hay increases during the colder months.

If you are interested in contributing to our Hay Helpers program you can follow the ‘Support us here with PayPal’ link below.

Support us here with PayPal

Once there you simply enter the amount of your recurring donation, click the ‘Make this a monthly donation’ box, and follow the prompts. Remember to make a note that your donation is for Hay Helpers.

You can also donate HERE through the Facebook donation system. Simply select recurring donation and make a note that your donation is for Hay Helpers.

Or, if you prefer, we can send you a monthly invoice with a link to pay with any credit card or bank transfer you choose. Just email us at Feelbetterfarm@outlook.com with your contact information and the amount of your recurring donation.

We plan to continue helping animals for years to come, and the Hay Helpers program will help make sure that our work can continue.

Thank you, again, for your support. 

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