Feel Better Farm Merch is finally available!!!

Want to show your support for Feel Better Farm and help put food in the mouths of these bottomless critters?

Check out our amazing new logo and how great it’s going to look on you!

Try a tank or a t-shirt or a hoodie! Everyone can get in our outstanding new duds and support the animals at Feel Better Farm at the same time!

Check out our merch on Bonfire!

Thank you for thinking of the Feel Better Farm animals. You can help us keep them happy and healthy by making a donation through our PayPal account at this link. Using PayPal allows us to receive your donation immediately instead of waiting 2 weeks to receive it through the Facebook donation link. We also have a Venmo account, if that is more your style: @FeelBetterFarm (9384)

Thank you so much for your support.

Donate with Paypal

Look for a great volunteer opportunity? Contact us today!

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