Om Saturday, March 3rd, I say this boy, named Levi by the lot, 3-legged lame and struggling to move on a lot in Arkansas.

As a matter of policy, because I prefer to keep politics out of rescuing animals, we don’t fundraise horses in killpens, so I broke my own rule here, because this wasn’t about politics, this was plain and simply a horse in pain who needed us.

Levi was fundraised quickly, as his supporters could see how badly he needed to get off the lot and get care.  We arranged transport and placement in a foster home only 2 hours away, and by Sunday evening he was safely in Mississippi in foster care.
He rested comfortably, with pain meds, overnight. He ate well and eagerly accepted affection. The next morning he was at the vet.

Levi, whose name we changed to Cassidy, was seen by Dixie Equine Medicine and Surgery.  His leg was cleaned, examined, a large abscess on his knee was drained and he was imaged.  They discovered 2 large puncture wounds with gas infiltration, along with life-threatening infection.  The gas is indicative of 2 things, 1: Infection with Clostridial Myonecrosis, otherwise known as Gas Gangrene, and 2: Tetanus.  It could also be incidental crepitus, but his infection was advanced and very serious.  There was also concern over spread to the joint and bone.

He was given IV antibiotics on site and send home with IM PPG and oral antibiotics as well.  He got a tetanus shot, and pain and anti-inflammatory medication to continue at home also.  The next 48 hours were critical. If the meds were going to work we would notice improvement soon. If not, we would be in for a fight, or the outcome that none of us want. So our Feel Better Family prayed, chanted, burned sage, sent good vibes.  He was an absolute trooper through all this poking and prodding at the vet and had been a complete love since he arrived. He deserved very much to be healthy.

We aren’t out of the woods yet, but things are looking good.  Good enough that I’m not afraid to feel hopeful.  His leg continues to drain, he is more mobile every day, and the swelling has gone down considerably.
If you feel inclined to help us with his care and rehabilitation, please donate.  Any help is accepted humbly and gratefully.
We will keep you updated as Cassidy continues to heal.

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