Maya Update

We took little Maya down to VA Tech School of Equine Medicine in Blacksburg on Monday, May 24th.
Dr. Patton and Byron are in charge of her care, along with her vet student, Hannah. 
Initially her surgery was scheduled for Tuesday, but her heart rate was elevated, likely due to increased discomfort from the trip, so she was put on anti inflammatories (bute) for a few days to control her pain and lower her heart rate.
On Wednesday Dr. Potter called me to let me know surgery would be on Thursday, the 27th, at 9am.
We agreed that if, once the deep flexor tendon was severed, there was no release, that the kind thing to do would be to let her go.  
So, after ​Dr. Potter called to say that surgery was abou​t to begin, I spent the next hour on edge until I realized it was 11 o’clock and I would have heard from them if the surgery hadn’t moved forward.
Sure enough, right at noon, Dr. Potter called to say the surgery had gone really well and she was really happy with the amount of extension that occurred.
Maya’s leg is cast and her vet students are signing it. She still has a long road ahead of her and we will have a lot of vet bills to cover for all of her care, so if you are able to help we would really appreciate it.
Here are some pics of Maya in her cast, with Hannah, and the before and after images of her hoof.

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