A New Friend – Happy Thanksgiving

We have some news, some sad, but with a brighter ending.

A few weeks ago we had to let Baby the turkey go. He had bumblefoot surgery and the vet warned us that recovery for large birds was hit or miss. And sure enough, while the wound healed nicely, Baby would not bear weight on it. For a 40lb bird that is not a sustainable situation.  I tried supports, I tried slings. I built a turkey physical therapy center in the garage, but to no avail. Baby would not stand, and despite constant repositioning and deep bedding, I couldn’t keep the pressure sores in check. We chose to let him go peacefully, and his affectionate, quirky personality is mourned and missed by all of us.

So, as Thanksgiving approaches, we thought, what better way to remember Baby than to save another meat turkey from ending up on the dinner table, and give Dolly another companion?  Please welcome Pardon to Feel Better Farm. (Yes, we now have Dolly and Pardon 🙂) Instead of being the feast on Thursday, Pardon will enjoy a feast of his own, along with the rest of our turkeys and flock.

Good journey sweet Baby, Pardon has big boots to fill but he will do his very best.

Baby Resting Place
Pardon Getting Carried

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