Gentle Giant

So, I did something today. Something I know I shouldn’t do, but I did it anyway, and now I have to ask for your help.

I had to pick up a horse from a feed lot nearby. A personal horse that was shipped there for me as a courtesy.

I made the mistake of looking at the feed lot horses they had. Horses that will ship on to Louisiana, then Texas, then, whatever is left will go to Mexico. Look, I know I’m weak, especially here. That’s why I never go to the lots myself. But I couldn’t leave her there. This girl. This old, sick, lame, beat up girl. Stoic and sweet. A gentle giant who has worked her whole life. An Amish work horse from PA sold by the pound. I couldn’t leave her to get on another trailer, and another and another. Not when every step is painful and when every breath is a struggle. I just couldn’t.

I told them I would take her. Maybe we can help her. Maybe we can’t. But even a quiet end on the farm is better than the future she would face without us.

Long time followers will know that we don’t bail horses from feed lots unless there’s an emergent medical need, like Cassidy or Patrick. In 3 years those are the only horses I’ve asked you to help me bail. Now I’m asking again. $1200 covers bail and transport (my trailer is too small) and we will need vet help and a specialty farrier.

Please help me get this girl the help she needs. That she deserves.

Venmo: @feelbetterfarm
Cashapp: $feelbetterfarm

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