Holiday Greenery to Help the Feel Better Farm Animals

Hi Feel Better Family!

This year, to help build up our winter hay fund, we are working with Mickman Brothers Garden Center to make their gorgeous holiday greenery available to you.  For each item you choose the rescue makes $8.00.  6 wreaths equal almost a whole round bale, and you know how fast we go through those in the winter!  Brrrrrr!!! 

That can add up really fast and make a huge difference for us as the weather gets colder.  

Mickman Brothers have a huge selection of products, from door wreaths and swags to centerpieces and live trees for your tabletop.

They ship directly to any address that you specify, so they are a terrific option for gifts too!

Please use this link to take a look at some of the wonderful holiday greenery available.  We chose a ship date of the last week of November, directly by FedEx, so they can be enjoyed for the whole month of December.

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